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Individuality aside... 

Every project relies on the same principle to communicate its message and validity.

Successful technical, commercial, and literary works depend on a USP:  A term used for both Unique Selling Point or Unique Selling Proposition, with both signifying the same idea.

Sounds like marketing talk, eh? ...Well, it is!

Now, there will always an advocacy of art over commercialization. And we're not dismissing the value of art or "art for art's sake"...

...The hidden truth, however, is that the same goal that determines writing success is shared by: classical books, software manuals, television commercials, feature films, avant-garde poems, and classified ads.

Just about any form of expression you can think of boils down to one overriding purpose:
To project a thought and receive a desired response.

You are persuading an audience to look at what you show them and to listen to what you are saying. Your objective is to get them to respond accordingly.

A USP does not mean sellout. It means sell-for, tell-for, and show-for:

"I want to sell you this for..." 
"I want to tell you this for..." 
"I want to show you this for..." 

The USP is the focal point to identify your product and to present an opportunity. 

What are you offering?
What will they gain?

Are you making their life easier... better? Are you saving them money... time? Are you giving them something they can not get anywhere else?

What are you providing? Information? Services? Merchandise? Entertainment?

It doesn't matter. And... it doesn't matter if it's a free offer or an expensive luxury...

You are still selling why it should be part of a person's life.

Why they want it
Why they need it
Why it deserves their time
Why it deserves their interest
Why it deserves their positive response

How will the audience ultimately benefit from what you offer? Is it for them?

Provide the answer they will respond to.

How will you benefit from what StreetCorner Press offers?

You will save time. You will save money. You will escape the path of trial and error.

Eliminate the learning curve to master correct writing styles, formats, and editing. Save the cost of research and reference materials. Reduce the cost of software with the time spent learning how to use it. 

Receive the rewards of your message's extra effect and power plus the positive responses. 

StreetCorner Press provides writing and editing that effectively unites what you want to say and how you want to say it.

Don't risk letting your readers, clients, or audience be distracted by typos, grammatical errors, or weak communication. Prevent undermining your message, advertisement, or story. Make sure your voice is heard and understood.

Each project requires an individual approach while keeping the focus clear. A short message for an advertising postcard requires different treatment than a novel recounting adventures in far off lands. A client-sensitive letter needs tact that wouldn't be used in a press release. An article for a travel magazine is not approached like a script for a radio ad.

StreetCorner Press treats and delivers your writing, editing, or publishing project so you'll present it with pride and confidence.

(In other words: You can take care of other business. Take a trip. Relax on the beach. Enjoy a round of golf! ...We'll take what you want to write and make it right.)


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